Q:  Can I join the group if I’ve already passed my Advanced Test?

A:  Yes, we welcome existing IAM members.  You may also want to join our Observer team, helping others to pass the advanced test.

Q:  How do I join the group?

A:  Give us a ring, email or download our application form or come to one of our meetings and talk to us about joining.  For Advanced Driver and Advanced Rider courses apply on-line direct with the IAM at www.iamroadsmart.com 

Q:  What geographic area does the group cover?

A:  Most of Cheshire, east of the M6 and adjacent areas of Staffordshire Moorlands, High Peak and Stoke on Trent.

Q:  How much does the Advanced Test cost?

A:  See our ‘How to Join’ page.

Q:  What Support will I get to help prepare for my test?

A:  You will be allocated your own personal Observer.  They will work with you and prepare you for the advanced test.  This is mainly through a series of ‘observed’ drives or rides.  We also provide a full set of training manuals and handbooks.

Q:  Are there any age limits?

A:  No.  Anyone with a full licence can take the advanced test.  We offer incentives for the under 25’s as this age group are the highest risk on the roads.  This includes a 25% reduction in our Group membership fee.  Our oldest associate was 82 years old, the youngest was 18.

Q:  How difficult is the advanced test?

A:  We believe that anyone is able to pass the test if they prepare properly and drive/ride according to our advice and training.  We expect drivers and riders will take between 6 and 8 sessions to reach test standard.  

Q:  What are the benefits of passing the test?

A:  Most importantly, you are less likely to be killed or injured in a crash or convicted of driving/riding offences.  That means lower premiums.  We find our members drive/ride more economically; have lower fuel and maintenance costs and enjoy their driving/riding far more.  The IAM RoadSmart offer discounts for members on insurance, travel, breakdown cover and a wide range of general motoring and travel purchases.

Q:  If there were any cause for a complaint, how would this be dealt with?

A:  IAM have updated their guidance to Groups about handling any concerns or complaints from members.  Happily, these are very rare occurrences for our Group.  The new guidelines are based on the long standing principle of resolving problems, where possible, informally at the local level, and through discussion. We agree with this approach. We will therefore adopt the new guidelines, which will be administered by the Group Secretary. 

Any issues should be raised initially with any member of the Committee, who will advise how best to proceed.  This is part of our wider policy of treating all our members courteously, fairly and equally and in a non-discriminatory way.