Tim’s Tips – August 2015

Visitors to our Taster Event at Macclesfield Community Fire Station on 29th August (see Events for more details) will have the opportunity to ask questions about Group membership, advanced driving, our training programme and how the Advanced Driving Test operates. We’re also offering those attending the opportunity to have their driving checked by one of our observers over a short local route.
This month I have the opportunity to drive an F-type Jaguar at Thruxton circuit, near Andover, in Hampshire, and I have a driving lesson with John Lyon lined up to keep me honest, details to follow next month.
In the meantime, I am grateful to Martin Robinson for this interesting picture taken on the Sandbach road towards Congleton.Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 10.14.32
A 400-yard countdown marker is unusual to say the least. If you spot any unusual signs, please send a photo to me (car@congletoniam.org.uk) for inclusion in future pieces.
I wish you all safe and fun driving in the month ahead.
Tim Hawkins – Chief Observer (Car)