Group member Hilary Adams wrote in mid-November:

’Some months ago you asked whether any IAM member had a special vehicle that they might like to be featured in the Congleton Newsletter.

This is my beloved Honda Concerto, which was 22 years old in August, when it once again sailed (drove?) through its MoT.IAM Hilary Adams' Honda

When I bought it for £3,000 in 2005, it had only 12,000 miles on the clock, and was in perfect condition. I asked the salesman why it was such a bargain, and he replied that its previous owner was an elderly gentleman who had it serviced meticulously, and never averaged more than 1,000 miles a year – but nobody wanted such an old-fashioned car! Now

Incidentally, it was much admired by Bob Brittain when I passed my IAM test in it three years ago, and this week I drove it successfully on a Mature Driver’s Assessment with John Hulse.’it’s coming up to 70,000, and my family think that I should downsize to a model more suited to an 88-year-old, but I love it dearly.

Thanks, Hilary, for sharing your car story with us. Many Group members must own, or have owned, a car or bike worth telling us about – something special from your early days, or a particularly high-performance model.

The Editor can think back to a 1924 Morgan Brooklands three-wheeler, complete with air-cooled side-valve v-twin; a 147 cc James Captain and a 250 cc Excelsior Talisman two-stroke-twin motor­bike; a 1936 Singer Le Mans two-seater, a bread-and-butter Ford Anglia saloon and a Triumph TR3. A Honda 90 bike was the first internal-combustion machine that he owned that did not consume or leak oil! Then came a TR4, Triumph 1300, Triumph 2000, and three P6 Rovers, a 2000TC, a 2200TC and a 2000, plus a Hillman Imp and a Renault 4. We had a VW Combi in Kenya, then back in the UK a Peugeot 205, a VW Passat estate, a Subaru Outback and his present Forester 2.0 XT, and two Kias and a Vauxhall Agila for Judy.

But he does enough writing around here already! if you have owned an interesting car or bike, old or new, or one that meant something special to you, tell us about it, please. Don’t worry if you are not a polished writer – just send Peter some notes, ideally with photos, and he will turn them into a suitable article.