Graham’s Gems

motorcycling-005We have arranged a slow riding session on Sunday 30 April for group members, invited bike groups and friends. It will take place on the large car park at Bentley Motors, Pyms Lane, Crewe, starting at 10.00 am, and will last approximately 2 to 2½ hours.

It will be interesting and fun, and will certainly test your slow riding skills. We have ample car park space, allowing for a number of practice courses, which will ensure maximum opportunity and time to practice and very little ‘waiting your turn’.

The session will again be led by Gary Green: he’ll provide briefings and explanations on how to control and turn the bike at slow speed, demonstrate the techniques to ride courses like the slalom, figure of eight, and right-angle turns, etc, and then help everyone as you have a go yourself. Even if you’ve been before you can always brush up your skills, particularly if you’ve changed your bike.20160417_103855