A Bigger Bang for your Buck

It is reported that the SNP-controlled Perth and Kinross Council has changed its definition of a pothole so that it can save money by not repairing so many. It has decided that potholes have to be at least 60 mm, nearly two and a half inches, deep before it will consider filling them. The previous minimum depth for repair was 40mm.

The council hopes to save £120,000 a year on pothole repairs, but has already been paying out an average of £16,000 a year on pothole-compensation claims.

An RAC spokesman commented that ‘The larger a pothole becomes, the greater risk it represents to road users and the more costly it becomes to repair. Hitting a large pothole has the potential to cause serious problems, from damaged shock absorbers and distorted wheels to broken suspension. In the worst cases, a pothole could cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle.

‘While in the short term the council might save money by repairing only larger potholes, it is saving up an expensive problem for further down the line.’