It seemed like a good idea at the time……….

‘Keyless’ car operation, where a car can be opened and driven without operating a key as a remote control or putting it into a lock, provided that the user has the key on their person, seemed to be one more modern electronic convenience. At present, 95% of European car makers offer keyless systems.

Unfortunately, the German ADAC has created two radio devices, an amplifier that must be positioned near the victim’s key, and a receiver that should be placed near the car, which enable a thief to unlock and steal the victim’s car without access to the key. They have been able to open and drive away a wide range of popular models, and believe CCTV footage shows thieves already using similar equipment.

Car manufacturers have not yet come up with an answer. Suggestions for keeping your car safe include keeping your keys in the freezer or a Farady cage, a device that blocks radio signals.